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ABC Monitor Keylogger Is Not Just For Watching Your Kids, But Can Be Used For Schools & Employers Too!
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13 September 2012

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This is a keylogger program.

ABC Monitor Keylogger is not just for watching your kids, but can be used for schools & employers as well. This is a tool to help you monitor the activities of your kids on your computer when you are not around. Obviously, the same monitoring could be done for other family members and employees. It is a keylogger that cannot be detected by anyone using a machine on which it is installed. Only the authorized person would be able to activate or deactivate the tool. Quite often you may find employees whiling away time, looking at trash sites, playing on-line games, playing at casinos and so on. This tool is able to record every keystroke, website visited, emails opened, clipboard copies, applications launched, chat session details, webcam capture and so on. To make the monitoring even simpler it is capable of taking screenshots periodically.

You would be able to do real-time monitoring of every email typed and sent. You can playback the recordings at a monitoring station if you like. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista & Windows 7. This has a simple interface and is quite intuitive. Most users would be able to get productive very quickly. The controls are also well laid out. Users will be able to figure out what to do and how to do it. With just 7 or 8 keystrokes, you will be able to set up everything. This is a good product and has many useful features. If you have a need, here is a good candidate for trying out.

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ABC Monitor Keylogger Is Not Just For Watching Your Kids, But Can Be Used For Schools & Employers Too!
ABC Monitor has been designed with ease of use in mind, even the most computer illiterate user will be up and running in minutes. All parents should have at least one monitoring solution, ABC Monitor keylogger runs in the background so you can check your kids without them ever knowing a thing. Our Keylogger & Parental Monitor is also ideal for schools and employers, Maybe the children or your staff are looking at adult or websites when they should be working. Or even worse looking at banned or nasty material online (the webs full of it with just one click). ABC Monitor Keylogger will let you see EVERYTHING that any of the kids or staff get up to on any pc.
ABC Monitor
ABC Monitor
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